Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Add a Note Photoshop Action

I'm often wanting to leave myself a bread crumb trail as to how I processed a certain image. Especially ones I've converted to black and white with Silver Efex Pro 2.

I'm always forgetting something about the image when I come back to prep it for printing or something. So, leaving notes right in the file seem the best solution. If I need them I make the text layer visible otherwise I hide it.

I created a simple Photoshop action that places a text layer named notes in the file. It is in the upper left corner set to black 12 point text. The layer is colored red to alert you that it is there.

You can download the action here.

You can install Actions from the Load Actions... command on the fly out menu on your action palette. Google "Install Photoshop Actions" for full instructions.

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