Saturday, May 12, 2018

Still Confused about which Lightroom to buy?

See the graphic below that I received from Adobe's marketing arm. I add some boxes and text to help explain. I think the problem stems from the poor name choices. But they are also confusing the issue with graphics like these. In point, note how the same application is shown differently on both sides:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is the same as Lightroom CC. Whew, it gives me a headache everytime I see this stuff from Adobe.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Finding Lost Folders or Images in Lightroom

Finding Lost Folders or Images in Lightroom

The issue is that the files are now on a different disk or have been moved on the original disk. So, Lightroom is confused about the “path” to those images.

  • On the top most folder that is showing the ? mark icon, do a RIGHT CLICK.
  • Choose Find Missing Folder
  • Navigate to the folder wherever it is and choose it. 
  • Lightroom will do the rest. It will update its database for all the images.

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How to deal with Lightroom when Traveling

Lightroom Travel Catalogs

Assuming you have a travel disk and Lightroom installed on your laptop...

  1. Make sure both the iMac and MacBook have the current updated version of Lightroom Classic CC.
  2. Set your Lightroom preferences and Catalog Settings for each computer to be similar.
  3. On the laptop, create a new catalog named Travel or Africa or something else obvious. I would make sure the location for this is somewhere easy to find. There is nothing worse than getting confused about which catalog is which when you get home and try to merge things!
  4. On the laptop create a new folder hierarchy for the images you will be importing. I would make sure the location for this is somewhere easy to find.
  5. While on the the trip just import, edit, keyword, flag, star etc. as normal.
  6. At whatever interval on your trip you can manage, copy the entire catalog folder and the image folders to the backup disk. If there is room I make dated copies of these. Then you avoid problems if you have to grab your bags and go in the middle of a copy or something. When you have 2 or 3 copies you can delete the older ones to make room if you need it.
  7. Back at home, make sure you have copied the latest data.
  8. Attach your USB drive to the iMac.
  9. Launch Lr on the iMac and choose File Menu > Import from another catalog…
  10. Navigate to the USB drive and the catalog folder (not the images folder) and choose the actual travel catalog file.
  11. You will see a dialog box for making choices about the import.
  12. You should probably not un-check any of the folders in the list.
  13. But you should choose the “Copy new photos to new location and import”. This will bring everything to the iMac. When you make that choice, you’ll see the Choose button that will let you pick the folder on the iMac where the images should be copied.
  14. Then click Import and give it time to work.

Video on the import process:

Cloud Syncing on in Lightroom Classic CC

To Turn Cloud Syncing on in Lightroom Classic CC....

Click in the upper lefthand corner of the Lightroom application where your name appears. Of course you should have already signed into your Adobe Account.

Then click on the "Sync with Lightroom CC".

It looks like this when you have it turned on with PAUSE icon to stop syncing.

You can only sync to one Catalog. This usually isn't a problem. I have mine synced to my desktop computer and not to my laptop. If I have to change that for some reason, all the images will be removed from the cloud and the new choices will have to sync up.

To make your collection visible to others online...

Right Click on the collection and choose Lightroom CC Links. Then you can copy the URL link and share it.

Note that my Jackson collection has a little note icon. That means it garnered comments from viewers. If the viewer has an Adobe ID, they can add comments to images.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stay Tuned...

Blog posts are returning....

I'll be hosting my answers to Lr, Ps and photography questions here too. The menu for those answers will be at my home site Links page.

Spring is blowing in up here in Summit County. Detail of the Wind on Buffalo Mountain.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Work continued...

You have to take these when you see them.

Playing with the reflections in the swamp.

More reflection play.

Sweetwater Composite.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New work continued...

The bugs are big in Keys!

Dead Mangrove

Keys View Everyday

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