Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This was also in the flood zone...

I feared this area was damaged in the Eldorado Canyon State Park. The park was closed for nearly 2 months. They just reopened and this area was completely untouched. There was some extensive damage to the road which is still being repaired. The creek bed is brand new in some areas; new pools, waterfalls and rapids. Lots of great opportunities for new photos.

This image was processed heavily though looks quite like what I saw that day. I find that is often the case with my images. I tend to shoot right into the light or in quite dark conditions or something that necessitates HDR, blending images, extreme adjustments to get the file to show what I was trying to capture.

This image was processed with HDR software from 4 or 5 images and then the resulting file was tweaked separately twice, once for the highlights and once for the shadows. Then those two were blended with Photoshop layers. Please click to see it larger. This image is available as a limited edition print.

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