Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kaua'i Rental

I think of this vehicle as a Kaua'i rental car but that is just a personal joke. I ran across this thing poking its nose out of the jungle on the Kuamoo Road uphill a few miles from Wailua. I passed it several times before stopping to photograph it. It always appeared to me to be about to turn onto the road. It was only a few feet off the pavement. If only the blinker was working it would have completed the effect.

While shooting it, a local slowed and basically looked horrified that I was photographing the truck. People that live on Kaua'i are quite proud of their island and rightly so. I became so too after living there for awhile. However, everything material on the island is in some state of disintegrating back into the jungle.

Anyway, this (and the whole property - at least what you could see from the road) was cleaned up shortly after I took these shots.