Tuesday, May 17, 2011

About Nature Photography Guides

Find a companion photographer to Guide you or become one yourself...

There are many great nature photography oriented workshops to choose from in many locations ... but perhaps that isn't what you are looking for this time.
You don't always need a lesson but perhaps a companion in a new location. You are an accomplished nature photographer already (or on your way!). Wouldn't it be great to know a local Guide that would take you to great shooting locations when you visit a new area of the world? Someone that shoots like you do. Someone that shoots the same camera brand that you do. Someone you have come to know via email, chat and phone calls before the shoot. Someone that can really help you get the shots you want to get in the time that you have to get them.

All of that, is what Nature Photography Guides is all about. Started by photographers that don't want to pay for instruction when it isn't needed but need guidance in new exciting locations. Guides, companions, fixers, local talent, fellow photographers, drivers ... whatever you want to call them, that's what NPG hashttp://naturephotographyguides.com.